Cottingham Blue Chip London

RS Production started a new relationship with well-known car dealer Jeremy Cottingham. Jeremy focuses on classic and modern Ferrari/Porsche cars. And I can proudly say that he is at the top of he’s game! Every vehicle is rare and in remarkable condition. This opportunity allowed me to gain more car studio experience as my last studio work was a few years ago while filming a Senna F1 car. RS Production as well managing Jeremy’s Social Media such as Instagram and Youtube.

911r banner.png

Here you can find Instagram REEL resolution videos made for Cottingham Blue Chip London

As well as a Youtube video of everyone's favourite Ferrari F40


Here you can find custom made Youtube material such as Channel Banner and the profile picture. I'm also focusing on helping him cleverly manage his social media to improve his followers by attaching needed hashtags and various other bits, especially for Youtube, which is more complicated than Instagram. No, I'm not a Social Media Guru, but I definitely can help any beginner kick off faster and advice with various questions that may confuse you, especially at the beginning.    Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help!