My main goal is to raise the media quality for Auction Houses and Car Magazines.

I want to provide work with a fresh new look, make it modern, and less outdated; which should help to attract new customers. 

From the Photography side, I love to help owners of prestige cars to have something both professional and unique to showcase what they have stored in their garages.

Below you can see the collage I created for Mr. Rod of his favourite car, the Ferrari 550 Maranello.


In my opinion, the key to creating the perfect video which truly compliments a car and its history is not just in the composition of the shots, but the intricacies of how it is edited together, and with the right music.

I choose the music very carefully, and endeavour to represent the vehicles period rather than adding modern beats; which can soon become dated.

Instagram is one of the biggest and best platforms to both promote sales, and keep people informed of what’s happening in Automotive World.

Many Photographers/Videographers forget to frame the image correctly so that it can used on webpages and Instagram’s 1:1 format.

Below is a good example of a video, featuring a Lamborghini Veneno, which can be used at a screening during the event as well as appear on all social media platforms.

I have big plans for the future and being something of a techno geek; I am always adding to and updating my equipment.

However, it isn’t cheap to have the latest gear, but I do like to think that I can create something of high quality which no one has seen before at a very competitive price.

Rather than paying astronomic rates for the same old stuff, get in touch & let’s see how together, we can make your next video project stand out from the crowd.