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Videography/Photography services made by Full-time dreamers.

Based in Derby, we are available to work all over UK.

Latest job for Bonhams

For the first time, 3 days Sale comes to Stafford. This short commercial 80% was filmed and edited by RS Production.

Self Portrait

A short story of founder Regijus (Reggie). FULL-TIME DREAMER represents a passion, future challenges and goals.

2020 Showreel

Is a short video including all highlights of RS production during 2019.

Since the end of 2017 RS Production was growing relationship with the biggest auction house Bonhams. A year later we start official collaboration and now RS Production filming most of Bonhams sales like Stafford Motorcycle sale.


James Stensel Bonhams:

Thanks for everything, you’re a breath of fresh air!

The Bonmont Sale

One of the highlights of 2019 for RS Production was filming of the incredible car collection for Bonhams The Bonmont sale. Here is a fantastic Lamborghini from only ten made in the world this Veneno marked with NR.7 which sold for more than 7.000.000£

Poppy McKenzie Bonhams:

Thank you again for the great videos, this is my favourite so far! 


We had opportunity to film Diamond Head music video for the latest Album 'THE COFFIN TRAIN'. 'The Death By Design' have over 50.000 views on Youtube and counting 

Bonhams Catalogue

We proud to say that we photograph some clients car fro Bonhams GoodWood Revival Sale Catalogue 2019

Story Of Planaxis

Film Story Of Planaxis was participating in a contest called 'Tomorrowland Golden Ticket' where it was chosen as one of the top 5 films. Written/Produced/Filmed/Edited by RS Production.

247 Movements

During 2018 we had the opportunity to create a short commercial for a new clothing brand called 247 Movements. Filming took place in Brighton Sussex.


As well one of the most important friendship's started in 2018. With guys from CrimsonCraft Audio which helped RS Production to expand and provide professional audio services for bands, films and more. RS and CCA can help you to push your band marketing to the next level with rehearsal video or professional music video and properly recorded audio. One of the biggest highlights of the year was 'Will And The People' band rehearsal.

Photo Gallery

From projects and personal life. 


We can create anything you need.





Logo for your business.

Your film poster.

Photoshoot of your products for web pages or social media.

We can film your event.

Prices are always discussed before taking action. Send us an idea and we contact you as soon as we can to provide you with availability and prices.



Equipment always not a problem for us as we have such a variety of people working and helping for us so that we can have this flexibility and make what customer wants.

List of equipment we own.

RoninS, Dji Mavic drone, Canon 80D, Most common lenses wide, mid-range, telescope, Steadycam, setup of Lights, GoPro, legal editing software and market leading third-party plug-ins.


Future investment scheduled:

Black Magic cinema pocket camera.

RigWheel car mount for following car shots.

Motorised Slider to improve image movement.


About RS Production

1 of May 2018 started to grow as the main CEO saw the potential of the company with the idea to create media content for a reasonable price and delivering the same high-quality content for a customer. One of the major problems RS Production trying to cover is that most of today companies or customers are afraid of media and marketing costs of the commercial. Yes, there are many Freelancers out there which are making video or photography content but main aim for us is to focus on the quality of the commercial by creating it together with the idea which represents customer's company. Commercials, not the only media we are focused on. During 2018 RS Production created full-length Documentary which had an interest of BBC so it just shows the flexibility of media content we can make and even provide other projects with the equipment we own.

The main idea at the end is 'GIVE US A CHALLENGE' and we gonna make it happened without hurting your wallet.


Regijus Simkevicius (Reggie) is Founder of RS Production. Since 2006 he started to teach himself to work with programs like Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, Lightroom. Doing many years as a hobby and freelancing he notices that you have to have connections to get bigger and gain jobs that's why he decides to take action and create Production company which can open doors for others to join his team and grow together with RS Production. One of the main points for Reggie is that he wants to help others to get the content they want. As 2018 was a successful year for RS Production Reggie believes that 2019 gonna be even bigger as from the beginning of the year January he is already creating Documentary about Steven Payne and pushing it's way to start working with Bonhams France department which will open ways to EU market.